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(on my feet)

[03 Aug 2012|09:24am]
Hello all I am new here.  I love a girl with sexy feet especially ones wearing a colorful nailpolish.  I love to lick feet and suck on toes and I love a good footjob.  I'm just looking for discreet erotic email/private message exchange.  Any ladies out there can send me pics and/or tell me how they would use there feet on me.  

(on my feet)

shoes for sale [28 May 2008|02:10am]

Hello loves!

Have you or someone you know been looking for 6" stiletto heels in size 14?


I bought them a while back, but have no real use for them, so go look and please bid.

If they don't sell on ebay, I'll gladly make a deal on LJ.

Here's the pic if you're interested:


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